TransformYour Salesforce Reporting with recipePro

Struggling with time-consuming ETL processes? recipePro converts your Salesforce reports into fully configured, easy-to-manage recipes.

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Your struggle is real...

Resource Intensive

  • ETL configuration is time-consuming and requires a team

High Maintenance

  • Keeping report types and datasets synchronized is nearly impossible


  • Lack of specialists make it difficult to effectively manage CRM Analytics & Data Pipelines
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... so is the Solution


  • Quickly and easily convert your existing report types into recipes.
  • recipePro saves time, reduces maintenance, and empowers your team to manage Data Pipelines with ease

Maintenance Free

  • Seamless synchronization of report types with datasets.
  • When your team updates a report type, they will update the configuration for your recipe.


  • Easy-to-use application that requires no specialized knowledge or training. Leverage the team you have and work they have already delivered.

Start your recipePro journey today and revolutionize your analytics pipelines today!

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We know

riverBI is proud to bring you recipePro - a revolutionary new application that makes it easy to manage your data pipelines. With recipePro, you can effortlessly convert Salesforce report types into CRM Analytics recipes. No need for professionals, no wait time. Just select the report type, let recipePro generate the recipe, and you're good to go!

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Simple Steps

You already have your team up and running in Salesforce. Your funnel, forecast, support and activities are all being reported on with their wonderful native reporting tools. But when it comes to sharing that to CRM Analtyics high speed and volume reporting, or to Tableau to share externally, you need hire professionals to translate all that you've built.

That's why we developed recipePro - to make it easy for you to convert your existing salesforce report types, into recipes for CRM Analytics & DataPipelines that can be used in Tableau or elsewhere.

  1. 1: Signup & Install

  2. 2: Choose the Report Type you want to convert.

  3. 3: Recipe automatically generated, and in sync with the source report type.

That's it! A recipe will is available in CRM Analytics and pointable to any of your connections. You do not have to wait, or struggle to get scale your reporting

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How & Why?

Our team of experts has over a decade of experience in configuring CRM Analytics for clients, and we understand the the key needs Sales Leaders have when sharing their reports. We know that waiting up to 8 weeks to get a consulting team to start working, or gambling on hiring the right expert, is holding you back.

We've used our expertise to develop an easy-to-use application that requires no specialized knowledge or training. With recipePro, the team you have becomes your data pipeline experts, increasing your speed to scale.

riverBI has provided these benefits access to industry leading companies since 2017. And our team has really enjoyed seeing the ability that access to these benefits makes for everyone on the ground and the company as a whole. They have even trained over 700 people to become professionals in the growing space.

But the demand is to great, and the barriers too high, and the only way to truly scale was to buckle down and transform all of the experience into an application that puts the power in everyones hands.

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Sending Report to Tableau

An Admins Success

  • Sarah, a Salesforce admin, was constantly bogged down by the time-consuming task of manually configuring data recipes for her company's CRM Analytics. The hours spent on these configurations left her little time for other crucial tasks. Overwhelmed and yearning for a more efficient solution, she chanced upon an email about recipePro, a tool that promised to revolutionize CRM analytics.
  • With a hint of skepticism but driven by necessity, Sarah decided to give recipePro a whirl. The ease of transforming her Salesforce report types into fully configured recipes left her pleasantly surprised and relieved. Just a few clicks, and her routine admin work was automated, freeing her from the repetitive task of manual configurations.
  • An added bonus was recipePro's automatic synchronization of her report types with datasets, eliminating any risk of outdated or inaccurate analytics. This not only saved her several hours each week but also ensured a more efficient and error-free process.
  • With recipePro, Sarah reclaimed precious time, allowing her to focus on other vital tasks and becoming a more effective Salesforce admin. She was thrilled to discover this powerful tool and looked forward to exploring its potential further. Her excitement grew when she realized she could handle Tableau, Snowflake, and AWS integrations all from one platform, leveraging work she had already done.
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