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You lack expertise to gather data, onPace builds your dashboard for you, you lead with them.

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Getting Started


Signup & Setup - it's quick

It doesn't matter how fast you climb a latter, if you didn't put it against the right roof. " - Stephen Covey.

Quickly get setup and get started, see our guide , and get started within the hour. SMART goal structure fits really well for most goals, with onPace, you can learn how to use those goals as a point to. The faster you start, the faster you'll have more information to make better targets.


Share, Collaborate, and Act

How often will you take steps toward you goal. .

  • Meet with your team regularly, coach them on data decision processes
  • Put it up on a screen in your office
  • Show your clients, on a tablet or cell phone
  • Talk about with your manager on slack-See if from your Accounts Detail Page


Harvest the Benefits

You and your team can use onPace dashboards check your progress.

  • Goal achievement improves team wide
  • At work you are Aligned & Happy
  • When you have new goals, you can are empowered and succesfull

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67% of MANAGERS do not believe they are aligned. Lacking expertise, they find themselves depending on experts. With onPace building your dashboards, you can leave the experts behind and lead with your data today.